Monday 17 August 2009

Bevs brill blog candy

WOW look at this brilliant candy Bev has on her blog isn't it amazing, so many yummy things... So what you waiting for get yourself over to Bev's blog and take a look at her great cards are truly inspirational.

Sorry i haven't been around much lately but have been busy decorating, all painted now in the lounge just the hall, landing and stairs to do. I know it will look nice when its done but boy is it hard going, especially when you work. I went looking for some tab top curtains yesterday, could i find any??? No :( Why is it when you want something you can't seem to find it!! So if anyone has seen some nice beige/brown curtains on their travels can you may be point me in the right direct.

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Ali Watson said...

Sonia have you tried M & S online or Next online.