Saturday 6 February 2010

Forever Home

This is Ella our lovely little girl has been with us 12 month tomorrow, isn't she lovely? We adopted her from the North West Golden Retriever Rescue in Chorley which is a voluntary organisation run by Jan Robinson who has done a fantastic job of re homing these beautiful dogs. Since she started the rescue in 1984 she has helped re homed more than 5000 dogs, unbelievable that so many dogs would need a new home but thanks to Jan they have.
When we got Ella on the 8th Feb 2009 she has been a stray and brought to the rescue, we believe she was about 12 months old, so she is probably about two now. This is the first time we have adopted a dog and have to say we would do it again, its so rewarding to see how she has changed in those 12 months with lots of love and affection. This was taken a few weeks ago when we had all the snow, she just loved it.


Ali Watson said...

She is a beauty Sonia, thanks for sharing.

Carol Ann said...

Awwwwwwww Sonia Ella is just gorgeous it's great it has worked out so well.

Hugs Carol Ann xx

Dazie said...

she is adorable and its so lovely that you have give her a forever home!

Poppy said...

aww she's gorgeous.

PinksyDoodles said...

Ah! Ella looks so happy - she's a lucky girl.
Clare x

Elaine ♥ said...

Oh wow Sonia.. a whole year! Where did that go.. Ella is gorgeous and what a beautiful photo.

Elaine x

Kat said...

She is just gorgeous Sonia. We've never had a retriever just Labs, at the moment a chocolate girlie called Maddy. Don't know why my daughter chose that name - though she is not quite so daft now. Maybe because she'll be 10 this year!

Kat xx

Jacee said...

Oh she's adorable Sonia, what a beautiful colour she is, and looks so nice against the snow, a real cutie!