Tuesday 2 December 2008


I have been a bad blogger and haven't uploaded anything for a while now, sorry. I think my mojo has a cold and doesn't want to play at the moment....
Its such a busy time of year with shopping and working etc that i think we all struggle to fit in a little bit of me time.
I have had an email from the lovely Dawny to let me know about a great sale that will be happening in her village hall in Saughall, i would be going myself as its on my door step so to speak but sadly i am working :( So anyone living near enough grab your pennies and get yourself a bargain or two. Have a look on Dawny's blog for more details :)


Caroline said...

We all go thru it sometimes, hav you lookd down he side of the sofa for your mojo, thats where I found mine last time Id lost it!!! lol

Theres a little something for you on my blog! x x

Sue said...

Hi Sonia, hope you get your mojo back soon, missing your creations. Sue.x

Sandra said...

Hi Sonia....hope you are well,missed you.
There's alittle something on my blog for you,
Sandra x